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Academy History

Before Fareham Academy

Before becoming Fareham Academy in 2013, the school went through a number of transformations over the decades preceding it, adapting to the changing times while upholding its commitment to providing education in the heart of Fareham.

From its early days as St Anne’s County Secondary School for Girls to its subsequent iterations as Neville Lovett Community School and ultimately Fareham Academy, the school has remained dedicated to nurturing the minds of generations of students.

As we uncover more about the history of Fareham Academy, we encounter the stories of countless educators, students and staff members who left their mark on the institution. Through this digital archive, we invite you to discover the milestones, achievements and transformative moments that have shaped the school into what it is today.

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St Anne's Secondary School

St Anne’s Secondary School was built in the late 1950s on St Anne’s Grove, Fareham.

The first students of St Anne’s initially started their secondary education at a local boys’ school located on Harrison Road, Fareham, due to St Anne’s still being built at the time. Construction of the school completed in the early 1960s, and the first Headteacher, Mrs Mace, was elected.

Recollections vary as to the name of the school around this time, with some remembering it as St Anne’s Secondary Modern School for Girls, and others as St Anne’s County Secondary School for Girls. 

On 1st January 1975, St Anne's County Secondary School for Girls Headmistress Mrs H M Joyce OBE was honoured in The New Year Honours 1975. These were appointments from Queen Elizabeth II to "various orders and honours to reward and highlight good works by citizens for the previous year". 

St Anne’s became a mixed-sex school for the first time in the mid 1970s when it began allowing male students to attend.

In 1985, Headmistress Mrs H M Joyce OBE was elected as Mayor of Fareham, a role she held until 1986.

Known headteachers: Mrs Mace, Mrs H M Joyce OBE

Neville Lovett Community School

Neville Lovett Community School was formed in 1984, when Bishopsfield School of Bishopsfield Road merged with St Anne’s County Secondary School for Girls on St Anne's Grove.


Neville Lovett was a mid-sized comprehensive school for students of mixed sex aged 11 to 16. The school served around 800 students and was located on St Anne's Grove, Fareham. It was the first school in Hampshire designated as a Specialist Maths and Computing College in September 2003. The school was named after the first Bishop of Portsmouth, Neville Lovett.

Known headteachers: Mr N Dewhurst, Mrs J Taylor, Mrs N Powrie

Fareham Academy

Fareham Academy is a medium-sized mixed secondary school, with five tiers of entry (ages 11–16), located in St Anne's Grove in Fareham. Along with The Henry Cort Community College and Cams Hill School, it is one of the three main state schools which serve the town of Fareham.


Fareham Academy is a Converter Academy, which means that it voluntarily converted in 2013 to allow it to manage its own finances and have more independence in the curriculum that it delivers.


In 2016, the Attainment 8 Score for the Academy was 51.7, with a Hampshire average of 51.1 and a National average of 48.5. At this time, the Academy's Progress 8 score of 0.3 put it in the top 25% of schools in the country.

Headteachers: Mrs N Powrie, Mrs A Deasy, Mr C Prankerd

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