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Our Key Stage 3 curriculum in Art and Design aims to give students the knowledge to unlock the world around them. It is structured to allow students to build upon their knowledge and skill sets which will enable them to unlock and explore a range of media and themes while developing their own artistic styles.


By the end of Key Stage 3, students will be confident in:

  • a range of media skills including: painting, drawing and print work

  • recording from observation using a range of scale

  • 3-Dimensional work

  • have a clear understanding of artistic keywords and terminology

  • be able to apply their skill sets while exploring different topics.

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is also structured so that it allows students to build upon their subject knowledge. Within the department, we offer: Art and Design, Textiles, Photography and Graphics. Two bodies of controlled assessment are completed within Year 10, allowing students to focus on their exam work and final developments within Year 11. This approach aims to provide students with a strong framework to succeed within the subject while building upon their knowledge and understanding. These courses aim to provide a strong foundation for further study of creative subjects at college and university.

Students can continue their Art and Design studies at AS and A-Level, where the same disciplines are available. Students are also able to choose areas of study to specialise in within a particular discipline. The transferable skills students gain are highly valuable. Students develop problem solving, creative thinking, investigation, research, communication and teamwork skills, and gain the ability to develop, refine and present ideas. Employers and universities regard all of these highly.

The creative industries generate £84.1 billion to the United Kingdom economy each year and employ over 2.8 million people. (Source:

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