In the Art Department at Fareham Academy, we give a bigger picture of what art is now. By introducing students to current working artists we intend them to leave school with a lifelong appreciation of art. The department has links with local artists, photographers and sculptors so they will experience how art is made first hand and be up-to-date with the creative events in the local area.


At Fareham Academy, students get the opportunity use a wide range of art materials in creative and experimental ways. We believe that art should be a personal journey and we support students in reaching a successful and enjoyable outcome.

In Key Stage 3, we will equip students with a wide range of skills ready for Key Stage 4 as well as extend their knowledge and appreciation of art. They will develop technical drawing skills as well as painting, sculpting, textiles and collage skills. The themes we choose for projects are often personal and relevant to students, but are also based on all areas of the curriculum and include historical context. 

We run weekly extra-curricular activities allowing students time to develop class work or simply to explore art materials in their own way for enjoyment, which includes textiles and photography clubs.

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