Business Studies

Business Studies is taught as a GCSE subject by a specialist Business Studies teacher. In Key Stage 3, it is incorporated into Product Design. Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 have one lesson per week of Product Design in state of the art specialist teaching rooms. Students utilise the latest software and hardware which are industry standard.​

Key Stage 3​​

Business Studies is not taught as a distinct subject at Key Stage 3 but is incorporated into Product Design. Throughout Year 7, 8 and 9, students learn about how to successfully develop and market products. Students complete a year long project. Students learn about the Key ideas around branding. They research popular brands already on the market and have the chance to develop a product to fit a gap in the marketplace.

Key Stage 4


GCSE Business studies within Fareham Academy teaches students to have a firm grasp of business life and the world they face when they leave school. Students are taught how to identify key financial issues enabling students to develop a business mind, but also develop personal finance and life skills.  The curriculum allows for students to have a look at the business world itself, basing all learning within a real life context through case studies of existing business both local and national. Students will explore entrepreneurs and gain an insight into what allowed them to be successful. Students will also be given the opportunity to explore a business of their own. Extra-curricular activity within business studies has allowed for the creating of ‘Fareham Academy Enterprises.’  This is a real business where our Year 10 students have taken to local shopping centres, such as Whiteley and West Quay to sell their product.

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