Design & Technology

Key Stage 4


Students who are interested in, or enjoy the prospect of, pursuing a career in the field of manufacturing, engineering, architecture, product or games design should opt to take Design & Technology. The future growth industries are reliant on the development of innovative designers and engineers, new technologies and manufacturing are one of the biggest areas of growth in the UK and also the local area.

In GCSE Design and Technology, students will have the opportunity to be innovative and creative and to design and make practical products that are suitable for a range of target customers. They will be given opportunities to explore CAD design packages and to learn about design and manufacturing processes that are relevant to the real world context. This course will help to develop students' creativity, problem solving and practical skills. Students will manufacture and make high quality products, using state of the art design and technology equipment and tools, as well as developing new CAD skills that are transferrable across a wide range of creative industries.

Students learn about typography, technical drawing, CAD design tools and manufacturing tools, a range of media and techniques and production methods that will help them to produce and manufacture innovative products and outcomes. Students will produce 3D designs and make products based on different themes, ranging from advertising and promotional packaging to events planning and promotion, as well as practical design products for target customer needs. They will learn about the underlying theory of manufacturing within the practical design and will develop a key understanding of health and safety, industry production methods and classical design influences.

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