Fareham Academy's Key Stage 3 curriculum in English is rich with texts that enable students to engage with the diverse nature of our world. These texts are explored thematically and grow in level of difficulty over the three years, providing students with a clear understanding of many different cultures, periods of literary significance, and complex modern issues such as gender and racial prejudice. The range of themes explored includes ‘Heroes and Villains’ in Year 7, ‘Relationships’ in Year 8 and ‘Violence’ in Year 9. Each theme is important in helping students gain an understanding of literary texts and the world they live in. In order to support students' understanding of these complex topics, the curriculum teaches the language and vocabulary they need to articulate their views about these issues alongside the texts. This vocabulary is embedded across the key stage and is re-visited and re-applied throughout Key Stage 4. Students will also be introduced to a wide range of sentence types to help develop their literacy and they will be encouraged to pastiche and mimic the work of existing authors. In doing so, students are encouraged to create, develop and refine their own personal voice. Through the inclusion of modern children’s fiction and fortnightly library lessons, we aim to foster a love of reading which will be supported through our literacy intervention programme. The programme includes paired reading with prefects for DS/SEN students who joined us below ARE. Lastly, students will complete regular writing bursts teachers followed by feedback lessons that address student weaknesses through a re-teach and re-drafting process.


The Key Stage 4 curriculum is also structured thematically so students can be exposed to the widest range of texts possible. This approach aims to provide students with a larger conceptual framework of knowledge and vocabulary that can be transferred between topics, whilst also introducing students to a wide range of texts in order to foster a love of literature. In doing so, our curriculum aims to create active members of society that question, discuss and explore the world and culture around them. Assessments have been planned in a timely fashion to give students and teachers adequate time to fully prepare, both inside and outside of lessons, so that the results are a true reflection of their ability and can be used to inform planning of teachers. Within lessons, practice questions are completed which students redraft during feedback lessons, before they are summatively assessed, in order to improve confidence in the subject. The course aims to provide a strong foundation for further study of English Language and English Literature at college and university, whilst also providing the requisite literacy skills needed to help them progress into their chosen careers.

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