Food Preparation & Nutrition

Food Preparation & Nutrition is a non-assessed course which teaches students the basics of food preparation skills and nutrition. These skills are designed to be used throughout their life and spark an interest in cooking and healthy eating. The subject is taught through a series of practical lessons where students are shown and have first-hand experience of using cooking equipment safely, whilst also learning correct preparation methods. The theory of nutrition and the properties and functions of ingredients is taught alongside practical elements while students are producing their dishes.

Throughout the course students work in pairs, taking it in turns preparing the ingredients, with one student taking the role of the Chef and the other student acting as a Sous Chef and assessor, supporting and giving feedback on ways to improve. Students complete a range of mini modules, which are each followed by the chance to apply and develop their skills and knowledge of what they have learnt by adapting and modelling their own recipes based on what they have cooked.

The modules that students follow:
Basic food preparation methods:

Students learn the safe use and correct techniques of using knives, oven, hob, kettle and a range of kitchen equipment to prepare and cook a range of ingredients.

Cake and ‘sweet’ baking:  

Students understand the properties of ingredients, how to make a dough and a cake mixture and how to use the oven to full effect.

Savoury, Pastry and meat:

Students understand how to make, prepare and handle pastry dishes, work with raw eggs and handle and cook raw meat safely.

Preparing for Lessons

On the first lesson, students will decide on a partner to work with for the term. Both will decide who will be partner A and partner B, and depending on if it is week A or B, the appropriate person brings in the ingredients for that lesson. This person will be the chef, and the partner will be the sous-chef. The following week they will swap roles. Opportunities to change partners will be given at the start of a new term (Spring, Summer).

On this page you will find a year plan which provides an insight into what your child will be cooking over the year. We endeavour hygiene and cleanness in our class and encourage students to put the same skills into practise at home.

Also on this page are the ingredients needed per week (A or B) for the Autumn term. We have tried to keep costs to a minimum, while still providing quality and enjoyable dishes.

Our aim is to provide useful skills in preparing ingredients, cooking meals and cleaning and tidying the kitchen, while including knowledge of hygiene, safety, healthy eating and alternative ways of cooking. We aim for our students to become independent in every aspect of the kitchen.

Year Planning 2019-2020

Year 7 Ingredients Autumn Term 1

Year 7 Ingredients Autumn Term 2

Year 8 Ingredients Autumn Term 2

Year 8 Ingredients Autumn Term 1

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