Geography at Fareham Academy is an exciting, relevant and engaging subject for all of our students. Students develop a knowledge and understanding of current geographical events from the local area as well as looking at the global community. Geography equips

students to investigate the Earth and its peoples, to gain an appreciation of the cultures and backgrounds of peoples from all over the world. We learn how the planet is formed and always changing, with studies in plate tectonics to raging rivers and our catastrophic coasts. Geography is a subject which teaches useful skills in map interpretation, data collection, ICT and problem solving. These skills help our learners not only in higher education but in jobs, helping to make them employable citizens.

Key Stage 3​​

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 have one lesson a week of Geography which prepares students for Key Stage 4, GCSE Geography.

Key Stage 4


Students have the opportunity to opt for either Geography or History in Year 10 and continue with this option as a GCSE through Year 10 and 11. Students have three lessons a week in Geography throughout Key Stage 4 if they opt for the subject.

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