Studying Mathematics enables you to think and work practically, logically and accurately. Mathematics is used in everyday life without you even thinking about it, you can; calculate the discount in shops, measure distances and accurately work out the time it takes for you to get somewhere and much more. By studying Maths in school you will be able to accurately calculate problems for the rest of your life. Securing your grade in Maths will help you achieve your full potential and achieve your goals.

Key Stage 3​​

In Key Stage 3, students learn the basics needed for Key Stage 4. Students will be introduced to new topics which they will need to understand the basics behind before they can access the Key Stage 4 curriculum. Students will learn through a variety of methods that will ensure they are fully prepared for the upcoming years in school. Through Year 7, 8 and 9 students will cover the same topics in more and more depth.

Key Stage 4


In Key Stage 4, we begin the students’ preparation for exams. We introduce students regularly to exam style questions and how to answer them. Students will become familiar with the topics on exam papers and apply these topics to real life scenarios. We will build on the knowledge obtained from Key Stage 3 and use that to further increase their knowledge and understanding of Mathematics.

Students will continue learning through a variety of activities and secure their understanding of the non-calculator and calculator exam papers. In Year 10 we ensure to cover all topics needed to answer questions on their GCSE exam paper. We deepen their knowledge in Year 11 on the same topics that they will have covered in Year 10 so all students are fully prepared for their exam and Mathematics outside of school life.

Useful Resources

BBC Bitesize GCSE Maths


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