Key Stage 4


GCSE Media Studies is an option which can be taken in Year 10. Students who have an interest in Media Studies choose to study this course because they recognise that the modern world is saturated with mass media and to study the media, is to understand the world we live in.


In Year 10, students will complete three controlled assessments for Unit 2: Understanding the Media. Together they are worth 60% of their final GCSE grade. These will require them to demonstrate their understanding of key media concepts by analysing the media across a range of platforms. This will also lead to a realised production in the pupils’ chosen form of interest.

In Year 11, students will complete their coursework and prepare for their Unit 1: Investigating the Media examination, which is worth 40% of their final grade. This involves undertaking research and planning based on pre-release information from the exam board.

GCSE Media Studies involves:
  • Analysing how media texts influence us

  • Understanding the codes and conventions of different forms and genres

  • Developing critical thinking and group working skills

  • Learning how to design, construct and edit media products for a target audience and purpose

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