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AQA GCSE French Vocabulary

AQA GCSE Spanish Vocabulary

Key Stage 3​​

In Year 7, students develop their knowledge, skills, understanding and abilities of the language, culture, geography and history of its associated countries.

In Year 8, students build on their language learning skills and cultural knowledge from Year 7.  This year’s learning is more focussed and progressive and serves to encourage students to develop and extend their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities within the foreign language.

Key Stage 4 - French and Spanish


Students continue to develop the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing that they have studied in Key Stage 3.

In listening and reading they use longer texts and develop skills for understanding the key points as well as more details across a range of topics. Students develop their writing skills to enable them to confidently write in the target language using a variety of tenses and lan­guage structures. In speaking, students improve their accent and fluency and will develop their speaking skills in the same way as the written skills, using a variety of tenses and expressing and justifying opinions.

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