The Music Department at Fareham Academy provides a curriculum which encompasses a wide range of musical knowledge and skills. Music provides an excellent vehicle for examining a wide range of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural issues. Every topic includes the opportunity for students to learn about and discuss these issues in relation to the music being studied.

Opportunities are provided for students to study instruments with a team of specialist instrumental teachers who visit the school on a weekly basis. Extracurricular activities include a choir, an instrumental ensemble, a ukulele group, and the Academy’s annual musical theatre production.​

Key Stage 3​​

Throughout Years 7, 8 and 9, the curriculum is largely practical, including the development of appropriate IT skills. The core skills of performing, composing and listening are addressed throughout the three years of study. Performance is largely undertaken in group work using keyboards and classroom instruments. Composition skills are developed in the Academy’s Mac Suite, using Garage Band and the latest version of the Sibelius music notation software. The Informed Listening skills that are developed throughout the three years as examples are considered in a critical manner and then used to inform performance and composition.  Students are encouraged to explore a wide range of musical genres, including those of other world cultures.

Key Stage 4


The Music Department offers GCSE Music as an Option in Year 10 and 11. Students who wish to take their musical studies further will find this course both inspiring and challenging. Sixty percent of the course comprises examined Performance and Composition. There is a one and a half hour Listening and Appraising paper which is based on the twelve varied set works that are studied throughout the two years of the course. To assist in the development of a secure compositional technique, students have access to the Academy's Mac Suite, which runs the latest version of the Sibelius music notation software. Any student opting for GCSE Music must play a musical instrument or be taking lessons which can be provided through school.

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