Physical Education

Physical Education is one of the most powerful mass movers in changing and improving the lives of young people. The PE Department works to deliver the Government’s strategy for school sport, with a strong emphasis on extending competition opportunities for all students. The PE Department aims to ensure that all students at Fareham Academy have access to at least two hours of high quality PE per week and extended opportunity beyond the curriculum.

The primary objective of the PE Department is to enable students to enjoy their learning in PE and sport, so that they might continue to value participation in sport as part of a ‘healthy active lifestyle’.

Key Stage 3​​

Throughout Key Stage 3, students participate in six areas of study, in which they learn through participation in PE and sport. These six areas of physical learning involve students in active learning through a wide range of sports and physical activity. They participate in a range of team and individual sports, which are all geared to improving student outcomes. We provide the students with the opportunity to take on a variety of roles within lessons such as an official, coach, manager and reporter.

The six areas of study are:

  • Outwitting opponents

  • Performing at maximum levels

  • Exploring and communicating ideas

  • Understanding and solving problems

  • Exercising safely and effectively

  • Accurate replication

Key Stage 4


In Key Stage 4, students are offered a wide variety of activities which are carefully planned to suit the needs of their group. Students, through their participation, are encouraged to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of their chosen sports and enhance their performance levels.

In addition to their core PE programme, students opt for an accredited examination course in physical education. The PE Department provides three Level 2 examination courses; GCSE PE, GCSE Dance and a Technical Award in Sport. These courses cater for the learning needs of students who have an aptitude and enthusiasm for further developing their learning in physical education. The PE Department achieves well above the national average in these examinations.

GCSE PE has a practical component worth 60% of the overall examination grade. This course is best suited to students who play sport regularly outside of school and who would have a keen interest in studying PE at A level. The practical part of the course also involves analysis of performance where students learn how to identify both personal and peer strengths and weakness, in order to plan for improvement.

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