Religious Studies

During their five years at Fareham Academy, students will study a vast range of different religions and their attitudes to different ethical issues. There is a growing importance for students to study different religions and their views on social, and moral issues. The skills of empathy and tolerance that students are learning during their Religious Studies lessons are invaluable to the workplace, to their careers and any future endeavour.

Key Stage 3​​

Religious Studies in Key Stage 3 focuses on the foundations of religion.  The Students will learn about the practices within a religion, and what this means for the believers.  They will learn about a range of religious traditions and what they believe about the way the world works.

During Year 7, students will focus on the basics of religious traditions.  They will start a journey that teaches them about the different initiation ceremonies that are key to a religion and the value of marriage and the purpose of a funeral.  After this the students will focus on Christianity; learning about the life and death of Jesus Christ and they then go onto study to language of symbols in religion and throughout the world.

During Year 8 the students begin their Religious Studies with looking at Hinduism.  This ancient religion teaches the students about key beliefs such as karma and the idea of reincarnation.  From this, the students move to looking at Judaism and the different traditions, and customs within this faith.  For their final unit the students will look at the dimensions of religion, studying Ninian Smart’s theory on the seven dimensions of religion.

Key Stage 4


During Key Stage 4 the students will complete 8 units of work described below.  These units cover a number of world issues and how different religions respond to these.  This GCSE heavily involves the students own opinions and allows them to explore their own views.

Year 9 students begin to focus more on ethical and moral issues, and understanding how different religious traditions react to these.  The students begin their GCSE in Religious Studies here and it spans across the three years in Key Stage 4.  The units students study involve looking at the early life of a baby, the different challenges equality faces in our world.  They will give their views on wars and also how we should treat the planet.

Year 10 students move into the second half of the GCSE focusing more on morality, study topics such as crime and punishment and matters of life.  They will focus on topics such as religious attitudes to drug abuse and how we should deal with issues such as poverty.  These topics will focus more in-depth on the religious values and attitudes towards helping others and what support can be offered to those in need.

During their final few months at Fareham Academy, the students will be involved in intense revision of the topics, creating their own revision resources and being given opportunities to ask for guidance on any topics they wish to focus on for their revision.  It is during this time that any questions can be asked and answered.  There will also be mock exams so that the students are fully prepared and know what to expect when they sit their Religious Studies exams in the Summer Term.

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