Religious Studies

Religious Studies is a fundamental pillar that supports Fareham Academy’s overarching aim to develop culturally rich students. In today’s globalised world it is increasingly essential that students understand the diverse cultures and faiths that exist both within and outside our community of Fareham. Religious Studies opens students' minds to different walks of life through questioning, ethical debates, problem solving and personal reflection, equipping students with a cultural capital that inspires inquisitiveness and respect for others.

Religious Studies at Key Stage 3 deconstructs the four major world religions. Discovering these religious beliefs and practices, students are encouraged to draw upon similarities within their own lives to identify and understand these faiths. Ethical topics such as peace and conflict and social concepts such as crime and punishment are studied alongside these four major religions to engage students in a historical and cultural enrichment.

By designing the curriculum in this way, Fareham Academy is confident that Key Stage 3 Religious Studies is not only preparing students for their GCSE qualification but equipping them with the cultural capital they will need to succeed in life beyond the Fareham Academy gates.

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