Science is the study of the world around us, looking to explain the processes that take place and allowing us to develop new technologies for the good of humankind. Through observation and experimentation, students formulate ideas and identify patterns.

By studying Science at Fareham Academy, students are able to link theory with real world scenarios and explain the world around them. They are able to manipulate data, explore the use of modern technologies and techniques and are able to develop a sound understanding of method and practical skills. These skills are transferable to a variety of courses at A-Level and are fundamental for a diverse range of future employment opportunities.

Key Stage 3​​

Key Stage 3 Science runs across Year 7, 8 and 9. Students are introduced to basic practical skills which are developed in lessons to enable them to competently and confidently test a range of theories and hypotheses. Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics are studied in a variety of contexts to build a sound basis for GCSE studies at Key Stage 4. Students are able to use a variety of practical equipment, ICT resources such as iPads and are invited to workshops and after school clubs to promote their interests in the subject.

Key Stage 4


Students further develop their practical skills and use these to analyse specific hypotheses for coursework elements. They look in depth at different forms of life, electricity generation and chemical processes among many other varied and exciting topics. The majority of students will study Core and Additional Science for two GCSEs, whilst the most gifted students will study the separate science of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Useful Resources

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