Examinations & Revision

Top Revision Tips
Post it notes


Write key words on each note and stick them around your house. Use different coloured stickers for different subjects.


Make revision posters and put them around your bedroom.

Acronyms and Mnemonics


Acronyms - Use the first letter for each word to make a new word to prompt your memory e.g. SOHCAHTOA

Mnemonics - Make up a silly sentences to help you remember the order of something e.g. North East South West, Never Eat Shredded Wheat.

Mind Maps


Don’t just rewrite class notes. Put them in the form of a spider diagram. Add pictures as visual aids and use different colours.

Make revision into a game

  • Blockbuster

  • Charades

  • Who wants to be a millionaire

  • The weakest link

Past papers

Do every past paper for your exam board and  subject that you can find! Go to your exam board website to download more!

Attend Revision Session


Draw up a timetable of which revision session you will go to after school each day. It is often easier to revise with teachers and friends than home alone.

Revision Websites

Make sure that you know which revision websites are best for each subject/topic. See the list on the other side and ask your teacher.


Write information about a topic on a postcard. This will force you to condense your notes so you only include the most vital information. They are easy to keep in your pocket to use at any time.

You could also write 10 questions on one side and the answers on the other.

Useful Links

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