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9BB meet Voice 21!

Year 9 have been exploring the presentation of gender in a range of written forms this half term. As they have been busily completing their Spring assessments this week in Reading and Writing, I decided it was only fair to dedicate time to oracy, too.

Before introducing the dynamics of Talk Tokens and the Consensus Circle, we first discussed the different types of 'talk' and drew upon real life examples to help us remember. Then, students read the article 'Woman Wins Pay for Five Years of Housework' from The Day independently. Students were provided with two Talk Tokens each and really enjoyed the turn taking this enforces. It was also fantastic to witness the quieter members of the group use their voice to challenge and criticise their peers in a mutually respectful way. We finished our lesson with the Consensus Circles whereby 9BB were able to collectively decide on the thoughts and beliefs put forward by each other.

Overall, they thoroughly enjoyed this different style of learning and expressing themselves, whilst I was beyond impressed with their attitudes and approaches. Voice 21 will feature again soon in A9!

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