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Back 2 Back

Hi all!

As we know in Science, students struggle in the recall of practicals that they did a long time ago. Particularly if they are just referred to in conversation or through what appears to be an obvious (to us!) link in learning.

So just by asking...'what do you remember from the density practical?' or asking them to recall commonly used scientific equipment doesn't always yield the best responses.

So! Yr11 completed a timed back 2 back task to introduce the density required practical. The method and equipment was summarised in a diagram on the board and I just let them get on with it.

All students got involved and all got something on paper - certainly had them accessing learning quicker than in a bog standard retrieval list of Qs for a starter - it was more jazzy... There was also some fun related to some of the 'amazing' art skills on display!

Importantly, they instantly recognised the practical and we got to the 'end learning' point more efficiently with seemingly less not knowing what we were revising.

5/5 - recommend

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