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Back to Back

In our most recent Voice 21 training, we were reminded of how useful 'back to back' can be as a strategy to develop low stakes Oracy skills.

The set up is simple:

  • Student A faces the board

  • Student B faces away from the board (ideally back to back)

  • Student A has to describe what is on the board

  • Student B has to draw/write this on their page

Oracy sentence starters and explicitly teaching the kinds of questions/instructions really help make this work.

I've tried this with four classes and staff at our Teacher Toolkit session. So far, I've found the benefits of back to back to be:

  • It's low stakes- everyone has to get involved

  • Adds energy to lesson

  • Easy to plan!

  • Can embed prior teaching or set a foundation of understanding for a new concept

  • It's quick

With 10A3, I essentially had to introduce to them what a question 5 looks like in their exam. To increase the buy in, we did a back-to-back and these are some of their efforts in three minutes.

My next aim is to use this with revision activities in Operation Game Changer!


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Thanks Steph!

I am planning on using this in the "Talk on Tuesday" sessions, particularly to introduce new content which relies on comparisons :)

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