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Concept Cartoons

I used the Concept Cartoons with my 10A4 class to help them to make the link between the language a writer uses and the reader's response. The students are often able to say what they feel or imagine as a result of reading something, but they struggle to articulate why they respond in that way - the equivalent to "show your working" in maths perhaps.

I took some quotations from a text and had the four characters in the cartoons give their response. The students were grouped in fours and were asked to discuss the responses and say why they thought each character had said what they did. In their discussions, students were able to make the link between the language in each quotation and the comment by the character and then translate that into paragraph.

I think the fact that the opinions they were explaining were not their own really helped the students to see the need to explain the link - when they give their response it just seems obvious- also having a response provided reduced the cognitive load and enabled the students to focus on the specific skill of explaining why.

Bonus moment was when one student correctly used the term "juxtaposition" in her explanation!!

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I absolutely loved being able to witness this activity with this group. Thanks LMA!

Me gusta
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