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GCSE RE have been using examples from the exam board to help them with their exam development. They have been given sample answers without any marks on them. The task has been to look through the answer and to mark it themselves. Pupils have been asked to consider have they given supporting quotes, given evidence of both sides of the argument and referred to religious belief. In the 12 mark answers, if the pupil does not refer to a religion, they cannot achieve more than 6 marks.

The class have then been given the marks from the exam board and their reasoning as in the picture above. They have been asked if they agree with it and why.

Both year 10 and 11 have recently had a test and the example used was one of the 12 mark questions they sat. This then enabled them to compare their answer and give green pen answers accordingly.

Overall, it was a very useful experience for them.

Miss Sanders

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