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Learning Beyond the Classroom

In History we successfully use 'Treasure Hunt' activities with our students to make the best use of the corridor space in A block and take the learning outside of the classroom! This style of activity is also sometimes known as a museum gallery task.

It is a fairly basic idea and requires a little set up (and Blu-Tac!) but is always worth it. It is really simple - for an activity where you want students to read and absorb information and/or pick out key information and take notes (and in History we use it for allowing students to access timelines!).

The alternative is completing a 'treasure hunt' in the classroom, but in my experience I have found that the classroom is not always big enough and/or students can fall into the habit of being quite passive and bunch up and can become easily distracted.

In the corridor with clear ground rules (silence and not disrupting other lessons) and effective timing this style of task can be particularly effective. The images alongside this article are linked to our Y9 lesson where we teach students how Jewish persecution increased in Nazi Germany during the 1930s and the Second World War through the development of a timeline. The inspiration for this activity and resources came from a course I attended years ago with the Holocaust Educational Trust.

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