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Student Improvement, Time Saving AND Free!

I would like to encourage all teaching staff to sign up to and use

Use this link below to sign up.. (Well Done to Mrs Mant and Miss Pearson who are already ahead of the game!)

Having undergone a vastly improved recent transformation, Quizizz offers a FREE FOR SCHOOLS lifetime access to their top 3 premium features as long as a minimum of 5 staff are signed up.

  • Use AI to create quizzes from almost any resource: Use existing resources across a multitude of subjects

  • Encourage Higher Order thinking with interactive questions

You can run quizzes as live (in lesson) or set directly on Google Classroom for each class (or even individuals!) as a homework without you having to do any extra setting of assignments or creating links! You can even print them off as worksheets if you need to send work to RL/SLT for students who don't have computer access. A fantastic feature I just discovered is the MASTERY mode - brilliant for current Y11s, where they get to redo the same questions until they get a certain level of answers correct, forcing them to continually review their answers and improve their practice. (No more random guesses on multiple choice!)

If you are looking for a super extensive resource, with AI capability, self-marking, assist in differentiation and personalised improvement and all with the ability to measure impact and report progress this is a brilliant resource!

Slight drawbacks.. there are some extra premium features you don't get without spending extra money like setting start times , and Currently, when you provide the live link to "" this site is currently blocked by the school, (could be easily fixed) - but students can still go to and a join code to access live quizzes.

Few images below to give you an idea..

At the very least, I only need 2 more people to sign up so I can get a lifetime of free premium features even if you don't want to use them 😁 👍

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