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Talk on a Tuesday - but it is Wednesday :)

10A0 triple chemists are revising for upcoming mocks so I incorporated 2x strategies to best suit the needs of the lesson.

Their starter activity incorporated the 'always/sometimes/never' strategy. Some were clear cut in terms of the science but a few did generate some really interesting conversations among the class. This was a good and alternate way to test some retrieval as well.

The second activity is something that I have tried before and saw success with. The 'back to back' task allowed for much more efficient revision of a required practical that wasn't all led by me and required much more input from all students. They took it really serious and produced some very lovely work - as can be seen below. We then were able to create a concise summary needed for the exam as it is a commonly asked Q.

(Students were also able to articulate and link that they did a similar task to this in English...!)

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