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The Results are in!

Today I changed my revision delivery for my Year 11 class.

I was more subdued than some of my lessons. (To be clear, I did still get someone to dress up and play the character of a 'nerd', throw/kick balls at students, and show a music video, so it wasn't "textbook").

I asked for anonymous feedback at the end of the lesson about which type of delivery students found impacted their understanding/progress best (see image below).

It turns out that the preferences were:

23 - Today

2 - Mixture of both

1 - Normal

2 - Void (though I like the optimistic vibe about 'tomorrow')

My hope is that this will help students feel valued in this high-pressure time for Year 11 and increase 'buy-in'. It has also helped me reflect on adapting the learning for students, not necessarily just based on SEND/DLD/EAL/DS status.

Have a great Thursday.

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