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Tutor Time Oracy Activity

10M have enjoyed completing the Voice21 Tutor Time oracy activities each week sent out by SLO. I have been pleasantly surprised by their engagement with many students who can be quite quiet in tutor over the last few weeks feeling confident enough to give their opinions. This week's activity gave us an opportunity to discuss "Should there be a universal basic income?" The students were surprisingly in favour of this radical economic idea and voted that we should adopt this as a nation.

During the debate, I highlighted for my tutor group the case study of Finland where a trial into basic income took place from January 2017 until December 2018, and found a useful BBC News website article that contains a video from people who benefitted from the basic income trial

Wanted to use this blog post to highlight the article and video about the trial in Finland, as it helped students to understand the concept of universal basic income and how it might practically work.

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Universal Income came up in the book I am reading at the moment, "The Nanny State Made Me" by Stuart Maconie (he of the fun 6music weekend breakfast show). Interesting to see and discuss in these potentially turbulent political times.

Me gusta
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