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Voice 21 Concept Cartoons

Last week I trialled the Voice 21 Oracy strategy of 'Concept Cartoons' with my Year 9 History class in preparation for their upcoming assessment. The big Q on this assessment focuses on why Hitler became Germany’s Chancellor in January 1933.

I asked students to record their own thoughts independently for this question without speaking to their peers. After a few minutes and to scaffold for lower-ability students in the group, I gave the class the concept cartoons in the image below and then built in dedicated time in the lesson for the students to talk in small groups and share their ideas.

I then put a chair at the front (good old hot seating) and invited students to volunteer (I chose a few too) – to speak for 30 seconds on the big question - if they could do this successfully they were rewarded with +2 positives for their entire group which motivated them to participate. This hopefully helped the students to refresh their knowledge so they felt more confident and better prepared for the assessment.


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