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Well done to the 'Class of 2017'.


The hard work, positive work ethic and focused values of staff and students has resulted in fantastic outcomes this year.

As schools celebrate their achievements, at Fareham Academy we welcome the new style GSCE as an opportunity for our students to achieve the highest possible Grade 9 outcomes.


As a high performing Academy, we would like to share our outcomes with our community, as you are an important part of our success.


The STEAM curriculum of Science, Technology, English, Art and Maths is a strength of Fareham Academy and once again this is shown in our results.


We recognise that students need a variety of experiences that go way beyond the current performance measures for schools. With a broad curriculum, we are proud to have matched the needs and interests of our students to over 24 subjects that we have on offer. From Business Studies to Law, Humanities, PE, Computer Studies and Languages, we are proud of our diversity.

Congratulations to the “Class of 2017”, you have made Fareham Academy a special place to be this year, you have been great role models for younger students and your work ethic has been exemplary. We will miss you and look forward to seeing you on results evening with your families.


  • 74% achieved a pass in the new English GCSE with 55% achieving the highest grades

  • 55% achieved a pass in the new Maths GCSE with 30% achieving the highest grades

  • 100% achieved an A*-C pass in Biology, Physics and Chemistry with over 65% achieving an A or A* in all three

  • 65% achieved the highest grades in both Science Core and Science Additional

  • 84% achieved an A*-C in Art with 13% achieving an A or A*

  • 95% achieved an A*-C in Textiles with 15% achieving an A or A*

  • 100% achieved an A*-C in Music

  • 100% achieved a Computing qualification with over 80% achieving the highest pass of Distinction or Distinction *

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