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Student Support Services | Medical Support

School Nurse

Our attached school nurses are Sharon O’Farrell and Heather Palmer. The Student Support Services team have half-termly booked days with her to discuss our students’ medical issues and support. Sharon and Heather are able to meet with parents and students to advise and support on a range of health and medical needs, including diagnosed medical conditions, healthy lifestyle, eating disorders and sleep.

Sharon and Heather can access a student’s medical records with parental permission to discuss queries or concerns a parent may have about their child’s care or medication.

They have both also completed a School Health Action Plan with the Head of Student Services and the Headteacher to ensure that we are delivering the best possible service to our students and parents.


Sharon O'Farrell


Heather Palmer

care plans
Care Plans

Students with long-term medical conditions will have a care plan written which is shared with staff in order to ensure that their medical needs are fully supported in school.


These can be written by the school in liaison with parents or with specialist medical support, for example the specialist advisory service for conditions such as Diabetes or epilepsy.

These are reviewed each year for transition or, in the case of a change to the care package or medication, these plans may be reviewed earlier. All students with a care plan hold a medical card to access student services unchallenged if needed.

medical info
General Medical Info

Student Support Services houses the medical room. They see students that are unwell and assess and offer appropriate support. The Student Support Services team are all first aid trained – all medical issues are tracked and recorded.

Student Support Services hold medication in their locked facility, along with parental permission to administer medicines.

Students that may be referred out of practical lessons due to short or long term medical conditions are timetabled to Student Support Services and are able to complete set work within the suite.

Students on reduced timetables due to short or long term medical conditions are also accommodated with Student Support Services.

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