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Contact with staff at Fareham Academy is permitted via this contact form for cyber security purposes. Please select the department and staff member you wish to contact, then add your details and enquiry below.

For all general enquiries, or where you are unsure of the staff member you need to contact, please email


We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 48 business hours.

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Telephone Calls with the Academy


The Academy has an automatic telephone recording system which records all phone calls made to, or from, the Academy using external lines. External callers will receive an automated message informing them of this fact. Parents/carers have been informed of this recording system through letter and there is also a policy shared on the Academy’s website. The Academy is able to access such calls using the telephone management system. The system does not record internal phone calls.

It is expected that access to calls will only be made under exceptional circumstances. Only a restricted number of staff have access to the recording system, which will principally be for staff training or security/safety purposes. Copies of calls will not be made without the permission of the Headteacher.

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