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Curriculum Intent Overview


Students at the Academy study a truly broad, inclusive and balanced curriculum which is adapted to smooth the transitions across the key stages. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to be ambitious for all pupils while ensuring learning is successfully adapted to scaffold students of all abilities including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities to ‘unlock their potential’. Student’s learning journeys are coherently planned and carefully sequenced to build on existing knowledge, to continually interleave past knowledge and skills, and provide assessment as a natural tool to promote progression.

We are proud to be part of the community we live in. Our curriculum places our students meaningfully within the Solent, which is a gateway economy of international significance. We also take opportunities to promote the wider community and share fundamental British values.

Our overarching aim is for students to leave the Academy as well mannered, confident and culturally rich; therefore our curriculum reflects this intention. Reading, Literacy, Numeracy and SMSC are explicitly taught throughout all curriculum areas and well as students having opportunities to develop vocational skills and ‘Learning for Life’ though our extended curriculum offer. At Fareham Academy the curriculum is the foundation from which we endeavour to unlock each child’s potential and create a lifetime of opportunity.

For further information regarding our curriculum, please contact

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For help with SIMS Options Online, please contact Mr K Geddes via our Contact Us form.

Art & Design
Child Development
Maths & Statistics
BTEC Sport Studies
Computer Science
Graphic Design
Media Studies
Physical Education
VCERT Health & Fitness
Business & Enterprise
Design & Technology
Food & Nutrition
Modern Foreign Languages
Philosophy, Religion & Ethics
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