Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact


Students at the Academy study a genuine broad, rich and balanced curriculum. Our core values of Respect, Accountability and Preparation form the foundation of our curriculum model which prepares the children of our community for the workplace and making them both academically and culturally rich. We are proud to be part of the community we live in. Our curriculum places our students meaningfully within the Solent, which is a gateway economy of international significance. We have a knowledge-led curriculum, which ensures mastery of invaluable, subject specific knowledge, enabling deep understanding of the most challenging of topics and subjects. Our knowledge-led approach provides solid foundations for students to be successful in their studies.

At the Academy, we have developed our Key Stage 3 programme to underpin the whole curriculum. Key Stage 3 is taught over a three year period from Year 7 to 9. Our subject leaders are developing our Key Stage 3 programmes to be knowledge rich. One of our core values is that Key Stage 3 should underpin everything that we do, allowing students to thrive in a range of subjects before they narrow their curriculum and choose their option subjects for Year 10 and 11. Our commitment to EBacc subjects ensures that essential curriculum time is given to these subjects in Key Stage 3, as well as providing students with opportunities in the arts and technology. The Key Stage 3 curriculum provides both depth and breadth of knowledge throughout academic and extended curriculum opportunities and has been designed to provide students with a wide range of experiences to enable them to make informed choices for their Level 2 qualifications in Key Stage 4, as well as broadening their horizons. We have developed our Key stage 3 provision to be the cornerstone of relevant qualifications that our students go on to study in Year 10 as they embark on their Key Stage 4 studies. Students in Key Stage 3 have valuable curriculum time to explore the Performing Arts, Art & Textiles, Design and Technology, Computer Science and Food and Nutrition, providing a breadth of subjects which support ownership of learning, creativity, problem-solving and self-discipline. We are determined that our students, including those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, leave the Academy with cultural capital. Our enrichment opportunities, such as residential trips, nature walks, theatre trips and museum trip, along with our themed Focus Days provide all our students with the skills and knowledge for life post 16. Our Food and Nutrition lessons are taught with the sole aim of providing students with cooking skills, so that they leave the Academy being able to cook a variety of healthy meals. We believe that there is great value in delivering subjects where there is no subsequent qualification and our Food and Nutrition lessons are an example of this.

Our commitment to the teaching of Citizenship on our Focus Days and in curriculum time develops responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society. Our Strong tutor programme compliments our themed Focus Days, creating a relevant, high achievement culture. We promote a positive safeguarding culture, with respect and kindness at the core of the Academy. Senior Leaders and Heads of Year embed our core values in assemblies, through our tutor programme and Religious Education lessons. Our delivery of Financial Education lessons on Focus Days provides students with life skills which will enable them to manage personal finance when they leave the Academy and join the workforce. Our library it is at the heart of the Academy and is used widely by students at lunchtimes. Students in Key Stage 3 have the opportunity to read for pleasure in English lessons and use the library for this.

All students at the Academy study GCSEs in English Language, English Literature, Maths and at least two GCSEs in Science. Students also choose either Geography or History as option subjects, with the opportunity to take both if they wish. The Academy has invested heavily in both staffing and curriculum hours to strengthen the delivery of MFL. With the Solent as an international hub and our close ties to Europe, we believe that languages will be one of the keys to success for our students in the 21st Century. Students have a wide selection of option choices which takes into account individual needs and styles, seeking ‘Golden Threads’ of engagement for all students. Students with an aptitude for the sciences are able to opt to study the separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students also choose from choices including GCSEs in Business Studies, Music, Drama, Computer Science, Textiles, Art, Dance, PE, Spanish and French. The Academy also offers V Certs in Sport and Enterprise & Business, an RSL in Music and a BTEC in Art.

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