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Curriculum Intent
GCSE Photography at Fareham Academy follows a broad, dynamic and current curriculum which provides an outlet for creativity and allows students to develop a strong visual and conceptional understanding of photography. It equips students with the essential knowledge, skills and experience that they can take on to further education and future employment. Students explore the use of digital SLR equipment and post-production editing using a range of computer software. A body of coursework is completed based on contemporary themes whilst studying the formal elements and the language of visual communication. Projects allow students to examine the historical, social and technical aspects of photography through themes such as still life, advertising and patterns and textures. The British creative industries sector is world renowned for its cutting edge arts education and influential diverse nature. Students at Fareham Academy develop a knowledge and appreciation of artists and designers both globally and based locally in Hampshire. This research becomes an integral part of their coursework and allows experimentation and development of ideas towards their personal outcomes.
Curriculum Overviews
Learning Journey
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