We wish that our students look presentable and smart at all times, and as such, students are expected to wear the full school uniform and to be clean and tidy at all times. Garments should be of an appropriate size. Blazers, jumpers and ties are available to be purchased from the school.

The School Uniform

Our school uniform consists of the following:

  • Plain white shirt (long or short sleeve) and school tie

  • School black “V” necked jumper with blue inlay

  • School black blazer

  • Black trousers – no cord, jeans or leggings

  • Grey, black or white socks

  • Plain black shoes are to be worn. No boots, trainers or canvas


School jumpers do not have to be worn at all times, however blazers must be worn every day. Hoodies are not permitted to be worn at any time.

Uniform can be purchased and collected every morning between 8:30am and 9:00am in the Community Office located next to the Sports Hall entrance. This will also include online parent pay orders.

PE Kit
  • School PE kit, navy blue with academy logo (can be ordered and collected from the school)

  • Trainers

  • Football boots for girls and boys are compulsory

  • The wearing of personally designed mouth guards is recommended as a valuable means of protection when taking part in rugby or hockey activities. Parents are advised to purchase shin pads for rugby and football for health and safety reason


Please note that no other items of sportswear may be worn.


Year 11 students are permitted to wear discreet make up and clear or natural coloured nail varnish. Students in all other years are not permitted to wear make-up or nail varnish and will be asked to remove it.


In general we believe that the wearing of jewellery is not in keeping with a formal school uniform. Items of jewellery can be a safety hazard and security is difficult in the school environment.


For these reasons students may only wear:

  • A watch

  • A single chain with religious symbol hidden from view

  • Single studs in the ear lobe


Please note that no other jewellery will be allowed.

Outdoor Coats
  • Outdoor coats can be worn on top of the school jumper and blazer but must be removed when in the school buildings.

  • Students can keep them in lockers or carry them to lessons.

  • Styles should not be extreme in fashion

  • No outrageous or unusual colours are permitted.

  • Shaved heads are not acceptable. Students can be sent home if they come to school with a haircut close to their scalp.

Changes to School Uniform Letter


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