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Help with School Cost

At Fareham Academy, we understand there are many costs involved in sending your child to school. There are many support resources available both within the Academy and nationwide to help mitigate these costs and ensure that every child has access to a well-rounded education.
Free School Meals Guidance

You can check your eligibility for Free School Meals, and make an application by visiting the following webpage:

You will be told immediately if your application has been successful, and shortly afterwards you will appear on a list provided to the school by Hampshire County Council - once we receive this notification, we will liaise with the canteen to make sure everything is set up for you.

My child is joining from another school – what should I do?


When a student transfers to us from another school, the transferring school confirms their Free School Meals status, and no action is required on your behalf.


Fareham Academy checks eligibility for Free School Meals against information provided by Hampshire County Council to confirm eligibility. If the transferring school has marked a student as eligible when they are not on this list, we will contact Hampshire County Council in the first instance, and if they cannot find evidence of a qualifying application, we will contact you and advise you to complete an application.

Pupil Premium Information

​At Fareham Academy, we believe that learning is not solely achieved in the classroom; our global and national enrichment opportunities and our commitment to ensuring that our Pupil Premium students are provided with the digital and literary based resources to meet the learning needs of a 21st Century learner is a fundamental element of our pastoral care and ethos of our school.

The Pupil Premium grant is allocated to children from low-income families, children who are looked after and previously looked after and for children with parent(s) in the Armed Forces.

Pupil Premium funding provides funding for two separate reasons:

  • To raise the attainment of disadvantaged students of all abilities to reach their potential

  • To support students and young people with parents in the regular armed forces

Evidence shows that students from disadvantaged backgrounds:

  • Generally face extra challenges in reaching their potential at school

  • Often do not perform as well as their peers

The pupil premium grant is designed to allow schools to help disadvantaged pupils by improving their progress and the exam results they achieve.

External Support
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Education Support

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Citizens Advice



Additional Hardship Fund

We fundraise additional finances that one-off grants can be made for in situations of unique hardshipThis fund is limited and applications can only be processed if there are sufficient funds available.


We prioritise the most financially vulnerable. Where there are uniquely extenuating circumstances where other sources of additional school-based funding have been exhausted.

We Fund

  • One-off uniform purchases

  • Bridging travel arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances

  • One-off equipment purchases

  • Other financial barriers to school equity

Apply for Hardship Funding

Form successfully submitted.

Applications for hardship funds are treated with strictest confidentiality and are administered by our Finance Manager.

Applications are assessed by a small panel of trustees and senior staff.

Additional information may be sought from Year Leaders and Tutors.

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