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Results 2022

We would like to say a big well done to all Fareham Academy students for their 2022 results. The Academy has seen its best results ever, bucking the national trend and increasing on those of last year. It is a massive testament to the hard work of students and their resilience during such a challenging time.

This year group was fantastic to work with: good fun, talented and now they have received the acknowledgement in exam grades they deserve.

Students achieving a Grade 4 Pass or better:

  • 72% achieved a pass in English

  • 73% achieved a pass in Maths

  • 63% achieved a pass in English & Maths

Students achieving a Grade 7 or better:

  • 33% achieved a Grade 7 or better in English

  • 28% achieved a Grade 7 or better in Maths

  • 23% achieved a Grade 7 or better in English & Maths

Other Subjects​

  • 97% achieved a Grade 9-5 in Biology, with 75% being top grades

  • 100% achieved a Grade 9-5 in Chemistry, with 78% being top grades

  • 100% achieved a Grade 9-5 in Physics, with 72% being top grades

  • 93% achieved a Grade 9-5 in French, with 53% being top grades

  • 60% achieved a Grade 9-5 in Geography, with 38% being top grades

  • 86% achieved a Grade 9-5 in Media Studies, with 37% being top grades

  • 100% achieved a pass in Music, with 38% being top grades

  • 100% achieved a pass in Drama, with 20% being top grades

  • 100% achieved a pass in Performing Arts, with 30% being top grades

Progress 8 score: 0.00

Attainment 8 score: 49.47

Students who achieved a strong pass in English and Maths: 47.9%

Students who were entered for the EBacc: 19%

Students who achieved the EBacc: 16%

Students staying in education or employment after KS4: Not yet available

The information on this page is correct as of November 2022.

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