Student Leadership

Our Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team consists of our six Year 11 Head Prefects, who are the main student representatives at the Academy. 


These six students assist in organising and hosting events throughout the school year, as well as being the leads of the Student Council and the bridge between the student body and the Senior Leadership Team.

You can meet our Student Leadership Team, and learn more about Student Leadership at Fareham Academy in our Year 6 Virtual Transition video.

Micious Briggs

To me, pursuing hard work and kindness is one of the greatest things you can do to develop every aspect of your life.


Being part of the Student Leadership Team I would love to work hard listening to everyone’s joys and lows, and through kindness help every student build their personal character.

By doing this, the Student Leadership Team and myself can create a safe and friendly environment. I look forward to seeing the Academy thrive in every way.

Ellen Jewell

As part of the Student Leadership Team, I would like to be able to promote a community feel within our school. I would like to think I am approachable so that any student can ask questions or express any ideas that have for our school.

I hope that the Leadership Team will act as a bridge between the students and teachers so that all students can influence their school and help make everyone feel part of the school community.

Krishna Khullar

I desire all students to get the best experience and the splendid opportunities they deserve. I hope to turn visions into reality; to make sure everyone has a voice. I will gladly spend my waking hours maintaining the Academy’s prestigious, fun and above all, safe nature.

Throughout the year, I hope to make the most of this opportunity, be grateful for all I have, make school life better and perhaps even leave a mark. I look forward to the challenges ahead and working with the team to deliver results.

Charlie Rolf

I have a passion to make our school feel like a community rather than a place of education. As part of the Student Leadership Team, I would like to influence others to contribute to the community within our school.


When I joined the Academy in 2018, I felt like I had always been here, students and teachers helped me find my way. I hope I can help further that same feeling of being welcomed Into our school to anyone and everyone who joins.

Erin Guest

"We are all responsible for everyone in our school community".

My passion is for all students to feel included, my ambition is for every student to find something that they are passionate about and participating with other like-minded students in school activities.  wish to provide an activities programme to meet the needs of the student community.

"When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves".

Maja Stepnicka

For me, school is a place where I can express myself in my own creative way, while keeping a tight schedule, which is a skill that will be very useful for me, and anyone in that matter.

My aim is to instil the sense of order and fluidity in students’ school lives and ensure that they are not only enriched academically but also have a stable concept of necessary life skills that will eventually assist them in achieving even more than they thought they were capable of.

What is Student Leadership?


Student leadership at Fareham Academy enables students to build relationships and empower others to make a difference in our school and the local community. Leadership is not about power, authority or control but about encouraging others to improve the way things are done by being a positive role model and displaying passion.

Our student leadership programme consists of two initiatives; our student leadership stages and the student leadership team (Head Prefects, Deputies and Department Prefects). It is through this programme that we hope to guide students towards being positive, self-reflective, confident, organised and flexible individuals.

We believe leaders are made, not born. Every student has the capability of becoming a great leader and we hope our student leadership programme can nurture and develop the potential in every student through opportunities, experience but most importantly by recognition.

What makes a good


Be confident

Have high expectations

Be evaluative

Be a good communicator

Have goals and a vision

Set a good example and be positive

Be flexible

Be organised

Be supportive and encouraging

Be committed

Student Leadership Stages

It is the Academy's responsibility to make sure that students leave being confident, responsible and aspirational citizens.

The Student Leadership Stages programme enables students, staff and parents to recognise the actions our students are already undertaking to demonstrate the qualities of a good leader. Our students are taught to believe that they have the capabilities to become the leaders of their generation and inspire the people around them.


The Leadership Stages are accessible to all students and they are encouraged to attempt Leadership Stages 1 and 2. Leadership Stages 3 to 5 suit students who are more committed, confident and evaluative of their own learning. Students are recognised and rewarded for the leadership actions they take within school.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

How do students achieve the Student Leadership Stages?

Students will need to complete the stages in order (from Stage 1-5) but they don’t have to complete all the stages. Students should find the stage they wish to complete on page 109-111 of their contact book. They will need to read the criteria for the stage they wish to complete (starting with Stage 1). Once they feel they have completed at least two of the examples, a teacher or their tutor will need to sign and date next to it. Once students have completed, signed and dated the required criteria, they should show their contact book to Miss Jones (next to the LRC). Certificates and Leadership Stage badges will be presented to students for them to keep.

If students have any questions or have done something that is not on the criteria that they think deserves to be, then please don’t hesitate to ask Miss Jones.


Good luck!

For any questions regarding Student Leadership at Fareham Academy, please contact Miss Jones.

Miss L Jones

Head of Student Leadership

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