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Curriculum Intent
The Media Studies curriculum at Fareham Academy allows students to study a broad range of products across different media industries, allowing students to develop their media literacy and reflect upon the influence that the media has upon the world they live in. From the oldest forms such as newspapers, to the modern role of vloggers, influencers and video gamers, we explore creations from a diverse variety of producers, promoting fundamental British values such as diversity and equality. The course also provides opportunities for rich SMSC discussion through its consideration of stereotyping and the representations of gender, race and class in the media. As Media Studies is first taught in Year 10, to smooth the transition into the new subject we begin by learning the theoretical framework: the key knowledge that underpins the course. We then study each industry separately in coherently planned lessons that are carefully sequenced to embed and expand the knowledge and terminology they have already learnt. In order to demonstrate their learning, regular assessment is embedded in order to promote progress, and students will regularly debate and discuss their opinions on the media through discursive and evaluative essays which will develop their literacy. As well as becoming avid critics of the media, the opportunity to design and create products is threaded throughout our curriculum, culminating in the production of a media text for their non-examined assessment. Thus, Media Studies at Fareham Academy hopes to unlock each child’s potential to become media literate by analysing and evaluating the role of the media and creating their own products, readying them for future careers in creative industries.
Curriculum Overviews
Learning Journey
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