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Curriculum Intent
At Fareham Academy, students follow a History curriculum which is broad and balanced for all. It is comprised not only of topics from British History but also with a focus on wider world and local topics. The programme of study is ambitious, providing all students with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in History and is adapted and designed to be accessible to students with special educational needs. The History curriculum is carefully planned and sequenced to ensure that existing historical knowledge is built upon and developed, thereby promoting progression in the subject. The History curriculum is designed in a way which promotes fundamental British values, as well as reflecting the significant impact that the Solent has had on some of the key events of British and world history. In line with the Academy’s aim for students to leave as confident and culturally rich individuals, an important aspect of the History curriculum is the promotion of reading, literacy, numeracy and SMSC. In this way, History plays a central role in unlocking the potential of every student and creating for them a lifetime of opportunity.
Learning Journey
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