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Curriculum Intent
Fareham Academy’s Personal Development Learning (PDL) curriculum which includes Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE), Personal, Social, Health and Careers Education (PSHCE) embraces the challenges of supporting young people in order to lead a happy and successful adult life through enabling them to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships. The curriculum equips students to make confident decisions when facing risks, challenges and complex situations, and to develop resilience skills including knowing when to seek help and where to access support. ​We aim to provide our students with the information that they need to help them develop healthy and nurturing relationships of all kinds. We explore what healthy relationships look like, including what makes a good friend and a successfully committed relationship. Our Personal Development curriculum supports the teaching of the laws surrounding relationships, and sex and health education themes and topics. Our Relationships, Sex and Health Education curriculum is delivered during PDL lessons, tutor time activites, assemblies and RAK Days. Based on our three core values of Resilience, Aspiration and Kindness, RAK days provide us the opportunities to engage the local community through guest speakers from support organisations and charities. The curriculum prepares students for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life, while the Academy promotes the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development skills needed to be an active participating citizen. ​Citizenship at Fareham Academy prepares students to play a full and active role in modern society with a focus on community cohesion. Our programme incorporates opportunities for students to foster an awareness of democracy and government, exploring political and social issues, justice, law, managing money and making informed financial decisions. The Careers and Progression element of our PDL curriculum encourages students to explore careers and progression from Year 7 through to Year 11. Students explore linked curriculum learning to careers with a particular focus on STEM subjects. We highlight the relevance of STEM subjects for a wide range of future career routes relevant to our area. Throughout their time at Fareham Academy, students have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace. We participate in a range of projects to support students to understand the breadth of Post 16 opportunities available to them in their future education, apprenticeships and employment aspirations, and collaborate with a number of local and national organisations that support us in this. At Fareham Academy we believe young people should leave school with the skills to make well informed and equipped decisions for themselves and about their own lives, whilst respecting the rights of others.
Curriculum Overviews
Learning Journey
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