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Curriculum Intent
The Drama curriculum at Fareham Academy is designed to ignite creativity and passion in our learners as they explore and nurture their interests and talents. Drama can be used as a tool to help students develop key life skills that will prepare them for their future. Students are required to use their imaginations and understand the emotions of others. Drama provides opportunities to explore a world of people, places, cultures and history. SMSC, Numeracy and Literacy are firmly embedded within the Performing Arts curriculum through topics and schemes, including a range of styles and cultures from the British Isles. The Drama curriculum is designed to develop skills that will prepare students for progression into higher education and employment. Students will develop their confidence and communications skills through: • Exploring vocal and physical skills. • Working as part of a group and sharing ideas. • Understanding other people’s viewpoints and emotions. • Resilience, challenge and application of knowledge. • Questioning and justifying choices. • Evaluating and analysing using appropriate Performing Arts vocabulary. Drama is the perfect lever to develop vital skills of independence, appreciation, concentration, confidence, creativity, and critical thinking. Students are offered a range of opportunities to develop their dramatic experiences through extracurricular activities, participation in concerts and productions, and attending theatre trips. As a department, Drama strives to prepare students for the next stage of their education and aspire for them to continue their learning.
Learning Journey
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