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Curriculum Intent
Graphic Design is around us in our daily lives. From the packaging of our breakfast cereal to the adverts on our social media, it provides us constantly with information. Graphic Design is a form of visual communication to convey information, ideas, meaning and emotions. It is often in response to a given client brief and combines images, typography and ideas to convey a message. At Key Stage 3 Students research, investigate, design and create graphic design concepts and products. Students will explore the key design elements of graphic design including colour, shape, line, space, balance and form and use these to make informed design decisions. In Year 7, students are introduced to graphic design through activities such as colour theory, perspective drawing and character design whilst completing the comic book project. In Year 8, students develop their understanding of graphic design by completing a client brief through research and the creative design process, whilst also discussing the importance of sustainability through their packaging design project. Students in Year 9 conduct in depth research and use industry standard software, such as Photshop, to create a response to a client brief in the festival branding project. Graphic design allows for students’ imagination and creativity to flourish through a range of mixed media tasks that build skills and knowledge to be used as a stepping stone into Key Stage 4. In addition, at Key Stage 4 we offer Graphic Design as a GCSE option. Have you ever dreamed of working for Pixar, creating websites, working on the next Nike advertisement? The creative and visual industries are a large contributor to the UK economy. Our broad, ambitious and work-relevant graphic design curriculum is suitable for students who are interested in exploring and expanding their knowledge and skills of graphic communication materials, techniques and processes. Students are taught by subject specialist teachers with relevant and contemporary industry experience, ensuring successful GCSE results and preparing students for the world of work and post 16 study. We believe in equipping students to progress into contemporary digital career routes and ensure they leave Fareham Academy with a strong portfolio of work to support them in securing their career path next-steps and ultimately employment. Many of our students continue to study in the creative industries and are employed in sector roles such as digital, advertising, marketing, publications and websites contributing to the ‘fourth industrial revolution’.
Curriculum Overviews
Learning Journey
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