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Vacancies | Support Staff

Learning Support Assistant

28.5 hrs per week (40 weeks)


Actual Salary: £15,364-£15,581
(£22,737-£23,058 FTE )

Closing date

14th June 2024

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Guidelines for Completing Your Application Form

Fareham Academy is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people.


A completed application form is required for all candidates as part of the application process. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is not required and will, therefore, not be considered within the shortlisting process. If a disability precludes a candidate from completing an application form, please contact Mrs Payne – Executive Assistant, for further guidance. Details are shown at the end of these guidelines. Please use black ink when completing the Application Form.

Complete the details as specified on the advertisement. Surname and first names should be those shown on the candidate’s passport or driving licence. Ensure current address, contact telephone numbers and email address (if applicable) is provided. If a change of address or telephone number is imminent, please include these details on a separate sheet and attach to the Application Form.

Please note, an incomplete application form will not be accepted and may be returned for completion before it can be considered.

Recent Experience


Most recent experiences should be listed first, where applicable. A brief explanation should be given where there are gaps in an applicant’s education/employment history. Do not leave any gaps in the information provided. Insert n/a, if not appropriate. Candidate is given the opportunity to provide reasons for applying for the post. This may be handwritten or word processed. It should not exceed two pages (minimum font size 11). Candidate is invited to provide further information in support of their application. This may be handwritten or word processed. It should not exceed two pages (minimum font size 11).

Please note, if candidates are required to address specific issues within their letter of application, details of this will be included in the specific post details on the school's website.

Activities & Hobbies


Activities and hobbies should be noted as requested.



Two references should be provided, one of whom must be the candidate’s current employer or Headteacher. If the candidate is not currently working with children but has done so in the past, an additional reference should be from the employer for whom the candidate was most recently employed to work with children. The Headteacher will request written references before interview for all shortlisted candidates, including internal applicants. Open references and/or testimonials or photocopied references will not be accepted in support of
the candidate’s suitability for the post.

References will be checked against the candidate’s application form. Discrepancies or other concerns may be checked with the candidate prior to interview. Candidates are advised to be mindful of the time required for referees to complete and return references, particularly if applying from overseas.


Please tick ‘Yes or No’. In the case of a ‘Yes’ response, please give details including dates, on a separate sheet, place the sheet in a sealed envelope marked for the attention of the Headteacher and enclose it with the Application Form.


Complete as requested on the Application Form. Do not leave any gaps in the information provided. Please tick ‘Yes or No’ or insert n/a, if appropriate. Please read this information carefully. Sign and date in full. Candidates are advised to retain a photocopy of the completed Application Form and any supporting information included with the Application.

Submitting the Application Form

Applications may be submitted by post or e-mail. Postal applications should be addressed to Mrs G Payne, Fareham Academy, St Anne’s Grove, Fareham, PO14 1JJ. Please ensure you apply the correct postage rate based on the size and weight of your envelope, as incorrect postage may mean your application is not received by the closing date. Electronic applications should be e-mailed to or if advertised through recruitment agency their email address.

Shortlisting Procedure

The interview panel will meet after closing date for applications to agree the shortlist.


Only those candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted for interview. If you have not been contacted within 4 weeks of the closing date your application has not been shortlisted for interview.

Interview Procedure

The school will aim to give applications one week’s notice of an interview so that personal arrangement can be made and preparation time is available. If the time scale is less than one week it will be up to the individual applicant to decide if they would still like to accept the invitation to interview; to ensure equality of opportunity the time cannot be extended to accommodate individuals’ needs.

Full details of the interview process will be sent to candidates with the invitation to interview.

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