Since September 2016, all Key Stage Three students have been lucky enough to have a fortnightly Library lesson as part of the English Curriculum. During this time, students are able to read independently, with a teacher or as a group. We have an extensive catalogue of books across a range of genres and regularly acquire and promote new reads.

Borrowing Books


Students are able to take books out from the Library by asking either their English teacher or one of the librarians if they find a book they’d like to read at home. Books can be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time.

Recent Events

Our Placeholder System

Here at the Academy, we take pride in not only creating a fun and relaxing environment for students to read in, but a tidy one as well. When taking a book from a shelf, we encourage students to put one of our coloured placeholders in its place to ensure that it is returned to the correct location.

Non-fiction Books

In the Library, we have a dedicated section which is home to a variety of books from different non-fiction genres. These books are not sorted by author surname like our fiction books, but are instead sorted using the Dewey Decimal Classification System. We have provided a chart for students to aid in the understanding of this system. 

Our Librarians

As well as being Marketing Assistants for the Academy, Miss Jones and Mr Burckitt also work in the Library during lunchtimes. They work closely with the English department to maintain and develop the Library as it continues to grow in popularity with our students.

Miss L Jones

Marketing Assistant

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Mr D Burckitt

Marketing Assistant

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